Information about distribution of dividend for 2007

   The accepted from the General Meeting of the Shareholders of FairPlay Properties REIT share of the capital for distribution, at the amount of BGN 8 000 000 (eight million), will be distributed with shareholders’ capital at the amount of BGN 50 700 000 ( fifty million and seven hundred thousands),  divided into the same number shares. The gross dividend per one share with registered capital at the amount of BGN 50 700 000 ( fifty million and seven hundred thousands) is 15.779 ( fifteen point seven hundred seventy-nine) stotinka with counted  3 numbers after the point.
   The owners of the newly issued 5 125 370 (five million one hundred twenty-five thousands three hundred and seventy) new shares will not participate into the distribution of the above-mentioned profit because there is a detention of the registration of the capital of the Company in the Commercial Register in the Registry Agency. The detention of the registration is a result of objective for FairPlay Properties REIT reasons. The Company has entered the necessary application for registration into the Registry Agency on 11.03.2008, immediately after the concluding of the Subscription – Inc. № 20080311161306, as a result of the non-observance of the legal one-day term from the Registry Agency at the present moment the newly issued shares ( the new amount of the capital) are not registered in the Commercial Register.