Mission and Vision

Our mission has remained unchanged over time. It defines our goals as a company and is the standard by which we evaluate our actions and decisions:

  • a portfolio made up of high yielding assets
  • accomplishment of current income from real estate management
  • increasing the value of our real estate investments
  • dividend and high market capitalization

We aim for FairPlay Properties REIT (FPP) to be a leading company in the real estate sector and achieve sustainable and quality growth. That is why we work committedly and invest in:

THE PORTFOLIO –  To create conditions for a constant increase in the market value of assets and the income to direct to our shareholders

PARTNERS – We maintain fair and open relationships with our customers and counterparties and together we create mutual added value.

THE ENVIRONMENT – We are responsible for the world we live in and aid to protect it.

TRUST – We are open and consistent in our investment intentions and put a lot of effort into fulfilling the decisions of our shareholders.

SUCCESS – For us to be an efficient, modern and competitive organization, a leader in its sector.

Our values are what motivates and help us to achieve our goals:

  • To be real and honest
  • To focus on the building value
  • To react rapid for the changes
  • To work efficiently and as one
  • To make the environment better