Company History

FairPlay Properties REIT (FPP) was established at the Constituent Assembly on 15.07.2005 and was entered in the commercial register with Decision No. 1/28.07.2005 of the Sofia City Court under (corporate case) No. 8851 of 28.07.2005. The company was established for an indefinite period. With Decision No. 84 of the Financial Supervision Commission dated 01.02.2006, the company has a license to operate as a company with a special investment purpose for investing in real estate.

The object of activity of FairPlay Properties REIT is to invest money raised through the issuance of securities in real estate through the purchase of ownership rights and other real rights on real estate, carrying out constructions and improvements, equipping and furnishing the properties with the aim of providing them for management, renting, leasing or leasing and/or their subsequent sale.

FairPlay Properties REIT is a public company and its shares are admitted to trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (stock code FPP).