A client of “FairPlay Properties” REIT is the 1000th purchaser in the Holiday village “Santa Marina”

The Campaign of the holiday village “Santa Marina”: “1, 2, 3…1000”. Become the 1000th client!” completed successfully before the end of the summer season

Sofia, September 2nd,2010

In the last day of August was realized the 1000th sale in the holiday village “Santa Marina”, Sozopol, where “FairPlay Properties” REIT (FPP) is the major investor.
August was one of the most successful months in view of the amount of sales in the 5 – year history of the holiday village.
Through the months July and August, 54 new agreements for sale of apartments in “Santa Marina” were concluded by FPP.

According to statistics of the FSC „FairPlay Properties” REIT is the most significant company for securitization of real estate /without land/ by assets. “FairPlay Properties” REIT is listed on the BSE – Sofia on 17th of February, 2006. Major shareholder in the company is “FairPlay International” with 66.9% share of the capital, other shareholders are institutional investors (10 pension, 20 mutual funds and investment companies) and over 330 individuals and legal entities, small investors.
 At the end of 2009, the investment portfolio of “FairPlay Properties” REIT consists of 11 projects in different market segments. The total built-up area is 380 thousand sq.m and the investments made by the company until 31.12.2009 amounted to EUR 173 million.
As the company and its largest project – Holiday Village “Santa Marina”, Sozopol have won many prestigious awards, including:

• “Company with best corporate governance for companies with special investment purpose for the 2006”, the Association of Investors.

• “Best IR website”, the Association of Directors of Investor Relations in Bulgaria for 2008.

• “Best Marine project” for the holiday village “Santa Marina”, Sozopol – the international competition “Best Project of 2009” organized within the Year of Bulgaria in Russia. This is another recognition of the holiday village after the prize “Complex of the Year” by the “Building of the Year 2006” award and its website for “Best Website in Real Estate category” by the International Web Festival Albena 2008.

• Golden prize in the competition of the Russian eddition Homes Overseas – Homes Overseas Russian Awards in 2010 for the holiday village “Santa Marina”, Sozopol. 

• Annual Award for 2009 of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) in the category best four star resort hotel for the project of the company SPA Hotel “St. Ivan Rilski”, Bansko.

• The Chief Executive Officer of the company – Manu Moravenov is one of the authors of the National Corporate Governance Code and is a member of the Bulgarian National Committee for Corporate Governance. Mr. Moravenov was included in the Top 10 of the competition “Business Person of 2009”.
•  The most substantial project of the Company – the holiday complex “Santa Marina”, the town of Sozopol received a consecutive recognition for quality. On the April 8, 2010 on an official ceremony in Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow were given the awards of the leading Russian Real Estate magazine – Homes Overseas. The holiday villave “Santa Marina”, Sozopol reveived a golden prize in the category “Best project in Bulgaria”, commented Manu Moravenov, CEO of “FairPlay Properties” REIT


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