Monument to Russian submariner in Sozopol

   Thanks to the initiative of several Russian citizens and supported by the Holiday Village “Santa Marina”, on 25th of July this year in Sozopol was founded a monument of Russian submariner sailors who died in World War II. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Bulgarian society organizations, politicians, diplomats and Russian residents.

   The mayor of town Mr Panayot Reizee and the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Varna Mr. Yuri Solovyov promised the place to be well maintained and every year to organize events for commemoration of the fallen Russian soldiers.
The monument was built at the place, where the sea in 1941 disposed of the bodies of two sailors from the submarine C34.
   During World War II near the Bulgarian coast five Russian submarines sunk, four of which were investigated by the Bulgarian-Russian teams. Submarine C-34 until now has not been found.