2007-08-03 – FPP REIT starts a new project in the Panichishte resort, municipality Sapareva Banya

Fair Play Properties REIT starts the implementation of a new project for construction of a complex of hotel and holiday apartments in the Panichishte resort as the investment value is envisaged to reach BGN 50,000,000. In result of the won competition, organised by the municipality of Sapareva Banya on 02.08.2007, the company has acquired a landed property of 25,611 sq. m. and price of BGN 2,561,100. The project is unique because of its location and, on the other hand, because of the fact that FairPlay Properties REIT has worked out a special Plan for Recovery & Protection of Environment and a Plan for Investment of Infra-structure importance to the Municipality of Sapareva Banya. In pursuance with the terms and conditions of the competition and with the adopted by the municipality conceptual investment and architectural design, a complex comprising 31,796 sq. m. built-up area will be constructed on the property. The complex will include a luxurious hotel of 103 rooms and buildings of 308 holiday apartments in a composition with plenty of grass fields, public service areas and attractions.