Notification of Change in Shareholding

    On February 21, 2018, FairPlay Properties REIT received a notification for a significant shareholding from "Universal Pension Fund – Future". Reason for submission of the notification is a disposal of shares of FairPlay Properties REIT.
    The status of the voting rights held by that shareholder in the issuer in the previous notification was 5.05%. The present state of voting rights held by "Universal Pension Fund – Future" (managed by "POD Budeste" AD) is 958,447 shares or 2.89% of the voting rights.
    The disclosure is intended to disclose the reduction of the participation below the threshold specified in Article 145 (1) of the Public Offering of Securities Act. It is also apparent from the notification that as of 20.02.2018 the other pension funds managed by PUD Future AD hold shares in the FairPlay Properties REIT as follows: PPF Future – 134,000 shares or 0.40% of the capital and "Future Future" – 118 117 shares or 0.36% of the capital.

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