"FairPlay Properties" REIT has concluded a preliminary contract for sale of a property

   On the bases of Art 4 of the  Law on Market Abuse with Financial Instruments we are announcing that on 04.07.2013, “FairPlay Properties” REIT has concluded preliminary contract for sale of land plot spread on 14 042 sq. m. at the amount of BGN 4,037 mln exclusive of VAT. The property is located in Plovdiv an is recorded in the balance of the Company as an investment property, held for resale with book value BGN 7, 531 mln and market value , according the latest revaluation as at 31.12.2012 BGN 4,743 mln. The purchaser is a foreign investor.
   The conclusion of the determinate contract for sale of the property is connected with the implementation of several suspensive conditions.
   In this regard, we inform that, at present there is no date defined for conclusion of a determinate contract and there is no guarantee, that the transaction of the ownership will happen until the end of the present financial year.