FairPlay Properties REIT has recorded growth of the sales from “Santa Marina” through the last quarter

New two prestigious awards follow the half-year results of the Company: “The Best Sea Project 2009” and “The Best IR Webpage” for the corporate webpage of the Fund.
Sofia, 21 July 2009
   FairPlay Properties REIT reached growth of the new sale agreements for apartments through the second quarter in comparison with the first quarter of 2009. Since the beginning of the year the Fund has concluded preliminary sale agreements at the total value of BGN 13, 8 mln, BGN 10, 6 mln of them are from the period April –June.
   “Through the last four months we have recorded a progressive growth of the sales, as just in June have been concluded agreements at the amount of BGN 5, 7 mln.  The growth is a result of our success on the Russian market, that is a due of our strategy for increase of the sales in the conditions of crises, that we admitted in the end of the previous year and of course of the efforts for its realization of our marketing and sales experts. We are grateful that our efforts for development of quality projects and for executing the good practices of corporate governance are appreciated from the publicity and the investment community”, commented the CEO of the Company Manu Moravenov.
   The Company has completed the half-year period with BGN 11,671 mln revenues from the activity and profit at the amount of BGN 1,414 mln, according the financial statement as at June 30, 2009.
    “Despite of the positive results, the crisis influences – in comparison with the same period of 2008, the revenues and the profit records slump respectively with 35, 6% and 66, 8%. Nevertheless the fact that through this year we do sale apartments in a process of construction guarantees stability of the incomes and the revenues for the next several years. From uncompleted, as at the end of the half-year period agreements, will be realized BGN 6, 6 mln revenues from sales until the end of 2009 and other BGN 4, 6 mln through the next years.”, completed Moravenov.
   On July 17, 2009, the Company, represented by the Investor Relations Director Snezhana Yotinska, received the award “The Best IR Webpage”. The prize was given by the jury of five representatives of the main associations of the market and BSE-Sofia, after advising to leading investment consultants, portfolio managers, brokers and other participants in the capital market.
   In the end of June “Santa Marina” won the award “The Best Sea Project 2009”, organized by Euro Design Plc. and the “BEST” corporation in the frame of the “Year of Bulgaria in Russia”. This is the consecutive admission for the holiday complex after the prize ”Holiday complex of the year” from the competition “Building of the Year 2006” and the distinction for its webpage „The Best site in the category Real Estate” from the international web festival in Albena 2008.
   FairPlay Properties REIT is the biggest Company for securitization of real estate without agricultural land in view of assets (13, 25% market share) and ranks fourth among all REITs investing in real estate (according the statistics provided by the Financial Supervision Commission for the first quarter of 2009).
   FairPlay Properties is “The Best Corporate Governance of REITs 2006” award winner from the Investor‘s Association.
   FairPlay Properties REIT is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia on 17 February 2006. Its main shareholder is “FairPlay International” JSC with 66, 8 % share. The rest of the shareholders are institutional investors (10 Pension funds, 20 Mutual funds and Investment companies) and over 270 legal and physical entities, retail investors.
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