FairPlay Properties REIT raises its real estates to the sea

The company has acquired 3 000 sq.m. more of apartments in Santa Marina holiday village near Sozopol.

19th of June 2006, Sofia

On 16th of June FairPlay Properties REIT has signed a contract for an acquisitions well as rights of construction of some more (further) 3 138 sq. m. of apartments and studios in Santa Marina holiday village near Sozopol. The worth of this investing is 1 940 452 BGN without a VAT to the moment, but with an accomplished sort she will be total 3.719 million BGN without a VAT. There were right of possession and construction of four large villas in the sea-health resort complex. 
"Our engagement in the construction of the vacation settlement "Santa Marina" will bring good gain, so as the purchase of a square meter it is 600 euros, and its bribable rate after the building can reach 1 000 euros of square meter "said Manu Moravenov, an executive director of FairPlay Properties REIT.

With exception of several villas, the official run up of the vacation settlement will be anon more for a month at the end of July. The infrastructure will be wholly built by that time, the swimming pools and the sport-entertaining center that will be on lie at all who had bought  villas and apartments there, will be ready. To the point of FairPlay Properties REIT there are sold three apartments, the last two were traded in on 16 of June for altogether 142 thousand euros. The holiday village "Santa Marina” combine sea and mountainous landscape and it stands in tiers on a peninsula with a beautiful view to  the sea – that is in the south part (on the Sozopol side) of  The Paradise Bay, which as whole is a part of  enormous Burgas Bay. It is located in immediate imminence in a campsite "Gold Fish", very popular summers among surfers, rockers, actors, and ever fans of camping site.
The houses have three basic constructions with the town’s architectural style: stones, white wall plaster, and traditional wooden coating. The complex is with lot of greenery and swimming pools. There is not hazard of over-exploitation, because only companies of the team of FairPlay International build the entire vacation settlement. FairPlay Properties REIT will enter in the second phase as well in building " Santa Marina"  holiday village with further 15 000 sq.m.. 

On 17 Feb 2006, FairPlay Properties REIT was listed on BSE AD-Sofia. Now on the stock exchange runs a capital increase of the company from 0.65 millions to 25.350 millions BGN. General shareholder in the company is FairPlay International AD with 71.67 % of the capital, the rest shareholders are institutional investors /tree pensions and tree contractual  funds/  as well as few small investors.