Registration of an issue of securities

With reference to an application submitted to the BSE-Sofia and a Decision of the Financial Supervision Commission No 1047 – E/25.10.2006 about registration of an additional issue of securities with the Public Companies Registry, maintained by the FSC, please be informed of the registration by the BSE-Sofia of the following additional issue of shares for secondary trading on the Unofficial Market of Securities:
– Issuer: FairPlay Properties REIT-Sofia
– BSE code: FРP
– ISIN of the issue: BG1100042057
– Amount of the issue before the increase: BGN 25,350,000
– Amount of the increase: BGN 25,350,000
– Amount of the issue after the increase: BGN 50,700,000
– Total number of shares: 50,700,000 shares
– Nominal value per share: BGN 1.00
Securities transactions of the increase will be executable as from 23.11.2006 /Thursday/.