Board of directors of BSE-Sofia – A decision for registration of an issue of securities.

At its meeting held on 20.02.2006 / Record No 03, on the grounds of Art. 5 (3), item 3 in connection with Art. 154 and Art. 60 of the BSE Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors of the BSE-Sofia has decided to list the following issue on the Unofficial Market of Equities of BSE-Sofia:
– Issuer: FairPlay Properties REIT
– ISIN of the issue: BG1100042057
– BSE code of the issue: FPP
– Amount of the issue: BGN 500,000
– Nominal value per share: BGN 1.00
– Type of shares: ordinary, dematerialised, registered, and freely transferable
– Management Company: FairPlay Properties Management EOOD
– Depository Bank: United Bulgarian Bank AD
– The first quotation date of the issue will be announced in the Exchange Bulletin after both signing of the listing agreement between the BSE-Sofia and the issuer and payment of the relevant listing fee.
– Name: FairPlay Properties REIT
– Seat of business: Sofia, 36 Atanas Dukov St.
– Tax Number: 4220128771
– Bulstat: 131457471
– Registered office: Sofia, 36 Atanas Dukov St.
– Phone: (+359 2) 819 91 02
– Fax: (+359 2) 962 13 22
– E-mail:
– Web-site: n.a.
– Representative authority: Manu Todorov Moravenov /Executive Director/
– Investor Relations Director: Snejanka Dimitrova Iotinska
– Subject of activity: Raising funds through issues of securities, investing into purchase of title and other property rights on real estates, making constructions and improvements on the estates for the purpose of letting them for running, renting, leasing and/or sale.