Registration of an issue of bonds on the Unofficial Market of BSE-Sofiа

At its meeting held on 26.10.2006 / Record No 26, on the grounds of Art. 5 (3), item 3 in connection with Art. 154 and Art. 60 of the BSE Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia has decided to list the following issue of bonds on the Unofficial Market of Bonds of BSE-Sofia:
– Issuer: FairPlay Properties REIT-Sofia
– ISIN of the issue: BG2100030068
– BSE code of the issue: BFPP
– Amount of the issue: EUR 4,000,000
– Number of bonds: 4,000 bonds
– Nominal value per bond: EUR 1,000
– Currency of issuing: EUR
– The trading lot will consist of one bond.
– The quoting currency will be EUR.
– Transactions will be settled in BGN to the Central Exchange Rate quoted by the Bulgarian National Bank as of the date of execution of the transaction.
– Type of bonds: Ordinary, registered, dematerialised, freely transferable, secured, interest bearing
– The first quotation date will be additionally announced.
– This is the first issue of bonds of FairPlay Properties REIT.
– Yield per bond: 6-month EURIBOR+4.00% p. a., but not less than 6.75%
– Date of issuing: 15.08.2006
– Maturity date: 15.08.2011
– Repayment of the bond issue: One-off payment on the maturity date
– Term of the issue: 60 months as from the date of issuing
– Interest Payment Recurrence: At a 6-month period on the following fixed payment dates:
15.02.2007, 15.08.2007, 15.02.2008, 15.08.2008, 15.02.2009, 15.08.2009, 15.02.2010, 15.08.2010, 15.02.2011, 15.08.2011
* Right on interest payment will have all bond holders, registered as such not later than three (3) working days before the date of interest payment, respectively five (5) working days before the last interest payment, which coincides with the maturity date.
*The issuer is entitled to repay partly or entirely the principal. The minimal advance repayment of the principal shall be EUR 400,000. The right on advance repayment shall come into effect after the fourth (4) interest payment and not earlier. In case of advance repayment of part of the principal or of the entire principal, the issuer shall owe the bondholders an additional fee of 1% of the amount of the principal paid in advance.
– Name: FairPlay Properties REIT
– Seat of business: Sofia, 51B Cherni vrah Blvd.
– Bulstat/SIC (i.e. Standard Identification Code): 131457471
– Registered office: Sofia, 51B Cherni vrah Blvd.
– Phone: (+359 2) 819 91 03
– Fax: (+ 359 2) 962 13 22
– E-mail:
– Web-site:
– Representative Authority: Manu Todorov Moravenov /Executive Director/
– Investor Relations Director: Snejanka Dimitrova Iotinska
– Subject of activity: Investment of pecuniary funds, raised through issuance of securities, in real estates /real estates securitisation/ by purchasing titles and other rights in rem over immovable property, and constructing buildings or making renovations, in order to give them on trust, on lease, for rent or putting them to sale.